Guidance and Direction

Just as the design of a great building needs an architect, the building of a great stamp collection requires professional and knowledgeable guidance. And while every collector brings his own sensibilities to this end, Columbian Stamp Company understands the need to help formulate ideas into reality. Understanding a collector’s goals and matching them to the real-world considerations of budgetary constraints, availability and value is key.

Services_1Finding Material

Once a collector’s area of interest is determined, it becomes important to know what material is currently available or may reasonably be expected to become available in the not-too-distant future. Knowing who holds key items can be a crucial benefit that enables a private purchase rather than waiting for a public sale where it could easily be lost to a competing collector. Columbian Stamp Company maintains close relationships with all of the major philatelic dealers here and abroad and counts as clients many of the world’s leading collectors of rare stamps. These special relationships are invaluable to our clients as they seek to build great collections.


Authentication of rare stamps and covers is of paramount importance when building a great collection. In addition to the “peace of mind” that comes with a recognized authenticating certificate, the future sale of such items is often a quicker and simpler transaction. And while most of the items we hold in our wide-ranging inventory already have certificates of authentication, we work closely with clients to obtain certificates for new purchases from the appropriate experts.

Services_2Auction Representation

While private purchase is an important consideration in building a great collection, one cannot deny the impressive wealth of material that passes through public auctions each year. Columbian Stamp Company has an intimate knowledge of the auction markets both here in the United States and around the world. We meticulously review the hundreds of catalogs received each year, searching for items of interest to our clients. As your representative at auction, we advise beforehand on matters of price and potential competition. Ethical considerations guarantee that we represent only one client on each lot, thus there is never any doubt that your interests are our paramount concern. Our representation at auction allows you to maintain anonymity, an important consideration in a competitive environment.

Services_3Selling Your Collection

Columbian Stamp Company realizes that selling a stamp collection can seem a daunting experience. We are here to help. If an outright purchase is desired, our solid financial resources enable us to pay quickly in any amount. By selling directly to us you can avoid the lengthy delays and complications of the auction process. If brokering a private sale is more appropriate, we will assist with such arrangements, making sure that the entire transaction is handled in a confidential and professional manner. Because we have a broad client base, and because we maintain an unmatched knowledge of the current market, we are often in the unique position of quickly finding the perfect buyer for your stamps.